30 Years in Business: Why We Do What We Do

We sat down with Chad Greenhill of WWAY and the Carolina Beat, to talk about what 2023 means for Stevens Fine Homes and why we do what we do.

What are we celebrating?

The year 2023 marks a major milestone for Stevens Fine Homes, as it will be our 30th anniversary! In 1993, Craig Stevens, founded the company after being inspired by his father and grandfather. As a third generation builder, Craig’s passion for building homes is translated throughout our company’s work today. We’ve built over 3,000 homes, in more than 60 Cape Fear area communities!  With thousands of happy customers, our portfolio speaks volumes. Stevens Fine Homes has become an industry leader in southeastern NC and the Cape Fear Region.

Why Stevens Fine Homes?

We have a passion for what we do, and the best team in the business! Our team builds high quality homes, and we are known for our great value and style.  We use only the finest quality materials, latest color trends, and efficient building techniques.  Our in-house designer and experienced team are here to walk you through every step of the building process. Our goal is to create the ultimate backdrop for your family’s lifestyle, celebrations, milestones and future memories.

Is it a good time to buy?

There is no time like the present time to buy and start investing in your home. As a homeowner you are building equity with every payment you make! 

How do I get started?

Contact us today to learn about how you can make your homeownership dreams come true with Stevens Fine Homes!