Make-A-Wish Comes True for a 9-Year-Old Cancer Survivor in Bolivia

A 9-year-old cancer survivor celebrated a milestone in Bolivia on Wednesday, August 9th.

Family, friends, and superheroes all gathered at Connor Houchen’s home to honor his “Wish Day.”

Connor Houchen was diagnosed with Very High-Risk B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when he was five years old.

Before spending his sixth birthday getting chemo during the pandemic, a special parade was held for him in the Sea Trail neighborhood in Sunset Beach in May 2020.

Now, three years later, Connor has finished chemo and is in remission. He celebrated his Make-A-Wish come true on Wednesday evening — a pool in his backyard in Bolivia.

“A culmination of all the years and time we’ve been through with cancer treatment. it just feels really good to have everyone out here to support us. The people that were here for us through everything, the really hard times and the good times as well. He’s come such a long way and he’s going into fourth grade. It’s a really big deal, we’re excited,” Connor’s mom Kelley Lennon said.

The pool was donated by Rusty’s Pool-Spa Backyard Design and the deck was built by Stevens Fine Homes with some materials donated by Builders First Source. Electricians with City Electric and DW Evans Electric also contributed.

Connor’s mom says Wednesday’s celebration is a happy benchmark in a difficult journey.

“He’s doing well, he’s healthy, he’s got his hair, he’s big and tall and strong,” Lennon said. “It’s really nice to have that time to celebrate with the family and really get a chance to enjoy each other and each other’s company. We get to do that for the rest of our lives — go to the pool together and hang out as a family.”

After 850 days, Connor’s last day of chemotherapy was in February 2022. He goes to Duke every three months for check-ups.

Source: WWAY