Meet Courtney, Online Sales Consultant for Stevens Fine Homes

Our newest innovation at Stevens Fine Homes is the new role of Online Sales Consultant.
This role is designed to help bridge the gap between online shoppers and in-person salespeople,
while maintaining long-term relationships with consumers online. Our new Online Sales
Consultant will build a bridge between our customers, our company, and the homes we build.
This role wouldn’t be complete without the help of Stevens Fine Homes former New Home
Specialist, Courtney Schmitter, who will fulfill this role. 

Courtney is a 9 year veteran of the new home sales industry, who is the most excited
about; “being the first point of contact for both potential clients and agents. Stevens Fine Homes
is known not only for our quality construction but our customer service so the OSC role will
make the customer experience even better, and help nurture broker relationships in a whole new
way.” People are shopping for homes in new ways. Especially after the COVID19 pandemic,
online roles have become another resource that home shoppers look for. Courtney has worked
for Stevens Fine Homes for almost a decade, Courtney is an expert on the homes, communities,
and processes unique to the Company. Her expertise and education combined with her
determination to help clients, make her the ideal candidate to help home shoppers find their
dream homes.

Courtney’s years of training and experience make her the ideal candidate to help guide
home shoppers online and make their home ownership dreams come true. She is there for anyone
who needs assistance and puts the shopper’s priorities first when finding a home that fits their
ideal style, budget, location, and other preferences. Some advice Courtney would offer to
shoppers in today’s challenging market is; “To be patient and trust the local experts. The right
home will come along and it will be well worth the wait.” That is what Courtney is here for,
helping shoppers find their ideal homes. Its innovations like these keep Stevens Fine Homes up
to date and ahead of the game!

In her free time, Courtney enjoys sunny days on the boat, going to the beach, and
spending time outside with her husband and their two daughters. She is always ready to chat,
those interested Stevens Fine Homes can reach out by simply shooting her a text or giving her a
call, you can find her number on our website. She can’t wait to speak with you about your home